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Let the Sun’s Free Rays produce Power from your roof……. Capture it Now

We are in the business of Residential Solar…

We uniquely provide…

  1. Professional installation

All our installers are employees, no sub contractors…What does that mean to you? When we schedule our people to be there at a certain time they have to be there. We can keep a better eye on excellent workmanship and getting your installation done in a timely fashion. Having been a General contractor in my own company for many years when I would get too busy I would call a subcontractor and often they would call me up and say Steve I can’t make it today and you the customer would be waiting, having taken a day off work. I’m sure many of you have been put in that situation and found it distasteful.  At American Solar Direct that doesn’t occur.

  1. Permits and Blueprints

We pull all the permits and draw up the blueprints and show the blueprints to you  so you can approve where the panels are going and know what the array will look like on your roof.

  1. System Maintenance

We provide system maintenance by monitoring your system remotely, in that way we know before you do if the system is operating to optimum performance. If it is not it usually needs to be cleaned so we come out periodically as needed and clean your system.

4. Warranties

We at American Solar Direct give you a 20 yr warranty as well as a 25 year warranty from the manufacturer .

5.Easy Move Plan

Let’s say in 10 years you decide to sell your house, the owners take over where you left off and they get to pay the rates of today, not the doubled rates of 10 years from now. They sign 1 piece of paper and it transfers from you to them and no transfer cost. Studies by the


Department of Energy and


show the houses with solar sell faster and for more money.

6. Fixed Rate Payment

At American Solar Direct we give you a fixed rate payment so it never goes up or down. Where many other companies with a lease go up 2.99% per year. Which would you rather have?

7. Self Funded

When you like what you see we don’t ask you to sign loan papers with a bank. Everything is done in house with us. We spend our companies money to put the system on your roof not the banks.

Orange County CA Solar Company

Orange County CA Solar Installation

Los Angeles CA Solar Company

Los Angeles CA Solar Installation

Irvine CA Solar Company

Irvine CA Solar Installation

Long Beach CA Solar Company

Long Beach CA Solar Installation

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There are 3 main type of Photovoltaic Solar Systems.

  1. Utility-Interactive System: A PV system that operates in parallel with and is connected to the electric utility grid. This type of system is the most common because it is the most cost effective way to do PV and allows the electric grid to act as back-up for when the solar panels are unable to produce electricity. The Grid also acts as a battery bank for when you are producing more power than you need through Net metering which allows your meter to flow backwards when you are producing more than you need.
  2. Stand-Alone System: A type of PV system that operates autonomously and supplies power to electrical loads independently of the electric utility. These systems are primarily used when the power company cannot reach the area where power is needed without significant cost implications. The system will cost more due to the fact it will require batteries as a way to back up the PV’s when not producing power such as night electricity needs.


3. Bimodal system: A PV system that can operate in either utility-interactive or stand alone mode with the use of battery. This type of system is the most complex and costly way to do a PV system.

. Federal Tax Credit:

Congress passed an economic stimulus package on Feburary 19th, 2009 that does much to promote energy efficiency. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Tax Act of 2009 includes several provisions modifying and expanding the scope of the energy efficiency and renewable energy incentives. On-site renewables (solar photovoltaic and hot water systems, small wind systems, and geothermal heat pumps) are now eligible for a tax incentive worth 30% of the total cost, without a cap.

Residential Energy Credit Tax form 5695

Commercial Renewable Energy Tax Credit 3468

2. Virginia Energy Efficiency Rebate Program:

A California Solar and Wind Incentive Program also has opened a $3.5 million second round of funding to help defray the costs of solar electric, solar thermal and small wind energy systems for residents, businesses, and non-profits. Information is available at This incentive is hard to get approved for due to the limited funding it has received from State. VA State incentives are $2,000/kW when funded.

3. Standard Renewable Energy Credits (SREC’s):

Affordable Energy Concepts, Inc. Has Partnered with Sol Systems, A SREC broker to help our customers get the maximum return on their investment possible. Click on the Sol System Brochure below to find out more.

Sol System Customer Brochure 2010

Don’t forget your power bill and CO2 savings.

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